Эндоскопия LEMKE Эндовидеокамеры HD

Новая Эндовидеокамера HD с встроенным источником света

  • Полностью цифровая головка видеокамеры 1CCD
  • Автоклавируемая головка видеокамеры
  • Умеренная рабочая температура
  • Заменяемый кабель на головке видеокамеры
  • C-Mount-резьба для легкой замены видеообъективов на головке
  • Встроенный источник света
  • Запись фото/видео в разрешении 720P

Camera plus Light Source plus Documentation – Impressive handling and customization, great cost

New customer demands require new solutions. In fast-growing markets, devices that do not neglect the cost aspect and still can be adjusted flexibly to the individual circumstances of the hospital or doctor's practice are required. The new HD-Camera does exactly this.

The HD-Camera is suitable for the fields of laparoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and urology. The three-in-one solution is a special feature of the new development: HD-Camera, LED-Light Source and HD-Capturing are available in one device. The HD-Camera, however, is still userfriendly and intuitive to use. The picture quality is brilliant.

The device is approved worldwide and service is available globally.


The HD-Camera offers many options for individual customizations. Depending on the existing equipment or the particular preferences, the HD-Camera can be configured to meet customer requirements.

For example, the LED module and the photo/video documentation capture are available as options. The HD-Camera head is available in different versions as well, and you can choose between an angled or straight connection design. The HD-Camera head is also available in an autoclavable version. The HD-Camera also offers additional ports and outputs. For example: A DVI port and a 3G-SDI output for video transmissions are included in the optional part of the device features. (Full customization available from 2015)